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36-Year Historical Streamflow Ensemble used as Projection (Acre Feet, Cumulative)
USGS Station: 09480500 - Santa Cruz River near Nogales, AZ

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Streamflow Terciles Based On July Cumulative Totals
Dry Normal Wet

July 2024 NCEP CFS Precip Forecast - Dominant Tercile Highlight Color (None, Dry, Normal, Wet)
NCEP CFS Ensemble Member-01 Precip Forecast Analysis
Forecasted Monthly Total Precip Tercile Percentages
Based on 20 Most Recent Forecast Traces (5 Days @ 6hrs)
Latest Forecast Trace Initialization Time: 2024-06-23 12:00 UTC

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Margin Required to Select Dominant Tercile = 20%
Dominant Tercile for Jul 2024 : Wet
Dominant Tercile for Aug 2024 : Dry
Dominant Tercile for Sep 2024 : None
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